The world of environmental science is constantly changing and evolving, and now more than ever it is under pressure to develop solutions for environmental issues. Although, environmental studies are extremely important for governmental decision-making processes, they are also a great source of information for every-day decisions. We have not yet mastered the process of sharing environmental knowledge. A great way to start is locally, to share the environmental information that explains what is happening in our own city and in our own province. The purpose of this project is to promote the interconnection between/within high school students and female environmental scientists. By making such a connection we plan to firstly, rise to the occasion on the global underrepresentation of female scientists; and secondly, through interactive activities organized by both participants (students and scientists), develop a new creative way of thinking about environmental science.


  1. Raise awareness about the global underrepresentation of female scientists.
  2. Call for action on local environmental issues.