Environmental scientists are being asked to fix the environment and to find solutions for climate change. This is no small task, which will never be completely attained by a single group of scientists. Over the years, however, there have been some great changes (on a global and local scale) to the way people learn about the environment, whether in a classroom or at home, the result is that more people are making decisions according to what is sustainable. The problem now is not to understand what is happening to the environment but to understand what to do about it. The challenge of environmental education today is to understand the ‘how’: How can we help? How can we best communicate what is happening to the environment? Having that in mind, this project, as the name suggests, challenges everyone to make a connection and to recognize the need to reflect on the way we are being educated in regards to environmental topics.

The way we learn about our environment today is going to affect the decisions we will make in the future, and every decision counts. Our personal decisions count, such as, our daily water usage; our educational decisions count, such as, how our schools and universities progress.